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Providing support services with United Idi Company Ltd.

United Idi Company Ltd

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Providing cleaning services with Al Hokair

Nascom Deal With AlHokair

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Signing an agreement with the real estate wealth company

Nascom signs an agreement to provide utility services

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Providing support services with the United Yousef Muhammad Naghi Company

Nascom signs a memorandum of understanding to provide support services

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Providing cleaning services with the Green Crescent Company

NASCOM entered into an agreement to provide cleaning services

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Disinfection and sterilization works for the branches of the Real Estate Development Fund

Thankfully and successfully reconciled, Nascom Company was baptized to carry out the disinfection and sterilization of the Real Estate Development Fund's branches throughout the Kingdom (12 branches in Riyadh) (13 branches in the Western Region) (10 branches in the Eastern Region)

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NEW CLEANING CONTRACT With national Gas and industry

Thank God, an annual contract for cleaning services was signed with the National Gas and Industrial Company as success partners for 2020

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